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We have always grossly underestimated our abilities as humans. Underestimating our selves, our minds, and our Divinity. I know skeptics, religion, science and doctrines tell us that many things are impossible, evil or wrong. There is much that we know are true and supported with scientific facts, however there are also many things we do not know or understand. I, have certain ‘gifts’ that amaze me everyday, things I have done and known all my life, yet I cannot explain, or back with science the what, how or why’s of any of it. How can I put words to the unexplainable? Or to prove  the unprovable. or convince others of the impossible made possible. There is no way i can possibly convince another, unless they can be in my mind and be present during readings.


All Animals have the ability to communicate; all living things that have a soul, communicate.  I can often hear what is needed, see what is being seen, and access the memories and traumas behind them.  There is no limit to what Spirit may provide me, and every reading is different and brings on a completely different set of emotions through   I am a physical medium, so I do feel, not just sense the pain that comes, but Spirit does protect me from much. I relive and feel; what has happened or what is happening.  I can’t say I “specialize” with one particular set of circumstances – that would ‘limit’ what I am honestly capable of doing, which grows and changes everyday.  I can say that this process so far has helped significantly many different life situations or circumstances for you and your companion.  I often learn the background of rescues, and learn of any PTSD issues they may or may not have, and with Reiki, we heal those pains.  I feel like I am simply a Bridge between Guardian and Companion – tapping into the most beautiful gift companions offer us, unconditional love.  Behaviors can be explained, and often changed as a result of understanding.  Anxiety’s calmed once knowing the truth and to help them understand that these traumas are behind them and when loss and grief is present, once things are explained to them, it helps them heal and to accept the present reality they find themselves in.  Often communication can help keep and maintain a forever home, or having to put an animal down too soon – Communication can truly mean the difference between life and death

I am currently editing this web page; this most recent post is on January 25th, 2018 – Please email me if you have any questions or wish to have a reading and check back often as new Youtubes, and stories are updated often.