I am not your usual psychic/medium. Most of my work is focused on Animal Communication or Inter-species communication.  All living beings communicate with us and all living things are connected.

Just as I have a soul, I know without doubt that you have one as well. Our animal spirits all around us, the trees, the grass, insects, everything has energy – energy is a life force – our souls are pure energy.

I ask you to take moments throughout your day to open your heart and your mind, to possibilities that you cannot see. Just as people are firm on their belief in the existence of a God – I am asking you to imagine the life force energy, seperate from our physical body – that comes to the moment we take our first breath. This energy comes to life and is merged with our physical body. Coming from our heavenly realm, and suddenly being awakened in our physical body, is actually a very traumatic event.

if you can imagine the sun, shining as brightly and magnificently helping all living things the sustenance to live and thrive.  Now imagine, just as you would take a pinch of salt from a bowl, you are reaching out and pinching just a small amount of the sun. The Sun is God, and this small little piece is the beginning in creating you – in addition to our animal spirits, plants, water life, trees, insects – all living things are here for a purpose. Trees to provide oxygen, animals either for food and companionship, insects to fertilize plant life, and are food for birds. Everything is connected, we are all one with all living things that have light.  We must come to an understanding in our mind, for all these things to survive every living thing exists and works in the best interest of all other living things. For example, I do my best to live and be the best person I can be, spite circumstances, issues, or baggage – I am working for my best interests; and I am working for everyone else’s best interests as well; from my companions, to other people, for mother earth, these things I do will enable me to serve the best interests of all living things around me. Again imagine, now all the trees, animals, insects, grass – everything that has cells, all things that live, imagine, the golden purple light – Your temporary power to see life force energies. and my golden globe, is no different than the trees, or the animal spirits who have chosen to be around me. The Light, the life force, the energy I am speaking of is exactly the same – what is in me, is in you, what is in us, is in our animal spirits. We are all the pinch of salt, that came from the same force, our same God –  All of us has come from the same source, so of course we all are connected and have the common denominator, of coming from, being created from, the same life force of GOD.

When we practice mindfulness, and meditation, these scientific truths become very clear – we can discover exactly where we have come from,  and in this moment and the next, we are Divine Perfection who has been created, NOT BY, but FROM GOD. GOD is simply our life force energy merged as one, making him larger than our independent Spirit or Soul.  The light and love that is expelled from this ‘Great Life Force” is overwhelmingly something our physical eyes can tolerate – when in this space, it is a love and an energy that few can even imagine. It is the goodness of all living things.

So how is it God and us, actually came into existence? Energy is a natural phenomena. It is all throughout our galaxy, stars, planets. I chuckle when I hear we are seeking proof of life, when the life we seek is all around the great Voids in our galaxies. OF course there is life out there, some we will see someday, many other life forms we cannot – these who reside in the Spiritual realms and serving different purposes than us here on earth.  I can explain our own creation best in this way.  opposites attract. a positive and a negative piece of energy comes together, attracted to each other – the Yin-yang theory. the two opposites blend, the are not separate.  Just as water boils the energy and cell structures, begin vibrating at great speed. The two particles are together, but now there is movement – the movement is ignited by desire. A desire to LIVE, to walk to love, the vibrations, for a spark and in that moment – in a snap of the finger, these two particles have joined and now with a desire to be born, to become, a flash of light, and a soul is created. This is the creation of our soul, and now we have to come from the earth, to create a physical form.  I found answers in that theory, when two people in physical form, would never under any circumstance be together, total and complete opposites, but the only thing that brings them together, is a “CHILD’S Desire” to be born, to walk, to live, to love and this soul, needed a certain and perfect genetic make up to learn,to love and to live its true life surface.

A God separate from us does not exist, but the accumulation of all of us merging creating a great light; that is the ‘GOD” we seek. IT all started with one life form, wanting to live, having the desire to be born. and from the one, came many. So it is correct to say the GOD in me, sees the God in you. We are simply a piece of the magnificence, and the Divine. So – with that, I say to you; ‘The Christ in me, Greets the Christ in you”. You are from my God and i am from your god. We are the same, we are connected, we are love, we divine, we are extraordinary. The miracle is US and we are truly Divine!

Our first breath is terrifying, exhilarating, shocking – treat the babies well.


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